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To begin with, I want to say that appearance is very important for perception. When you listen to music, you involuntarily keep in mind what equipment brings it to your ears, or even look at the same equipment and it gives a certain pepper to the process of sound perception.

The desire to make acoustics on Fostex speakers came quite suddenly, just influenced by the visual perception of the speaker itself. After reading the specifications and experience of other users, he noted that the sound of these speakers will be pronounced, and the size of the driver will dictate a certain sound supply of music, which in theory will impose a framework for choosing music to listen to.

Having dared to order speakers in the online store and они. They lay for a while until my friend and I seriously took up the selection and manufacture of cases. Initially I thought about the compact design of cases with phase inverter design, but as a result of heated communication it was decided to make a larger case and with a reverse horn design, good thing the manufacturer offers two of these options with sizes and drawings. When choosing the material, we went the unpopular way and chose solid wood, and a friend suggested interesting to beat the side panels, so that it was not a banal box, but a product claiming to style, even the terminals were made of wood.

When a friend brought me the case, we worked together to set up the speakers, connect the speakers to the amplifier and start listening to different styles of music, trying different sources. I’m most interested in the sound of vinyl and in general I got what I expected to get. The sound turned out very lively and open, due to the broadband speaker and the design of the reverse horn, this bundle sounded very tasty, especially Black Sabbath, voice, guitars, drums sounded bright and shrill, but at the same time warm and without losing the magic of vinyl charm. The comrade was interested in listening to electronic music, we played it through a streaming service and the electronics sounded surprisingly fast and sharp, it was felt that the speaker boosts part of the range containing the so-called “kick”, which emphasized the rhythm of the songs, but the details were not lost. It’s time for a “heavyweight” and I will say at once that no revelations were heard on this material, but on the contrary the loud nature of the speakers and guitar rhymes became a real test for the ears, no it’s too bright and loud to listen, let alone enjoy . Although there was an exception – much later, when I got to the record of Jars, and this is for a second “noise rock”, the sound was without the unpleasant features identified earlier, but it was vinyl .. Summing up I want to say that to listen to vinyl discs are a great pair of acoustics and it, like the records do not want to use every day. In the future, I repeatedly experimented with different styles of music and just made sure that not everything can be listened to with pleasure on these Fostex, but what they do they play live, openly, and most importantly – emotionally and in these moments you get real pleasure from listening favorite music and contemplation of this captivating acoustics.


Acoustics on Fostex FE126En speakers, design – reverse speaker;

Amplifier – NAD C 356 BEE;

CD player – NAD C 545 BEE;

DAC – Ifi micro idsd;

Vinyl player – Pro-ject Debut Carbon (OM 10).

Music material:

Vinyl – Aphex Twin, Black Sabbath, Grieg Edvard, Jars, The Prodigy, Петр Ильич Чайковский, Slipknot, KoЯn, Deftones, Joydivision, Rage Against The Machine, The Offspring, Rob Zombie, Cypress Hill, Slipknot.

Streaming – Darkspace, Brunt, Burzum, Goto80, Stephen Bodzin, Oliver Huntemann, Boston 168, Amelie Lance, Haus Arafna.

CD – The Raveonettes, Fear Factory, Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir, Tiamat, My Dying Bride.

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