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Julia Pankratova

In the section “Account of the Week” we tell about the project of journalist Yulia Pankratova Oh My Art, dedicated to art, and we advise you to follow it on all platforms – on YouTube new reviews are published regularly, and in instagram* It is convenient to follow micro-events in the art world.


The creator of the Oh My Art project Yulia Pankratova says the following about herself:

For many years she sat in the studio on TV, and then graduated from the Academy of Arts and became an art critic. I go to museums as a job (favorite) and do reviews of exhibitions (still like to be in the frame).

It’s like this: after graduating from the Moscow State University, Pankratova worked for a long time on television as a correspondent and presenter. She hosted news programs on NTV, Channel One, and REN TV, and collaborated with Namedni, Country and World, Segodnya, and many others. She became widely known for an interview with Mickey Rourke in 2009 on Channel One.

All this Pankratova left behind, entering the St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. I. E. Repin at the Russian Academy of Arts in the field of “Theory and History of Arts” and engaged in art history.

About what

Pankratova and her sister launched the Oh My Art project in 2017, first on YouTube and later on other sites. YouTube now has a larger audience – about 98 thousand subscribers, on Instagram * – about 26 thousand.

The “mission” of the project is stories about new exhibitions in various formats.

Reviews of exhibitions, as well as festivals, biennales, museums, painting, sculpture, architecture, public art, street art. Interesting? Steeper than the “News” on the First,

– reads the description of the channel.

There are reviews of classics such as Caravaggio or Vrubel, as well as stories about “applied” exhibitions – for example, the exhibition Lady Dior. Most of the reviews, of course, are devoted to the artistic events of Moscow and St. Petersburg, but other cities are still present here.

Digests (a la “where to go on May”), reviews of new art books and interviews with people from the art world – artists, curators, museum workers – also regularly appear on the channel.

Julia Pankratova and Marina Loshak
Julia Pankratova and Marina Loshak

For whom

For those who are going to the exhibition and want to get acquainted with the subject in advance, or those who have already returned from the exhibition and want to understand what it was. And also for all those who can’t get to the exhibition in Moscow and want to at least virtually touch the beautiful (and stay up to date with all the events). Well, in principle, for everyone who loves art.

* Instagram (owned by Meta, an extremist organization recognized in Russia)

Instagram (owned by Meta, a Russian-recognized extremist organization)

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