According to Wasteland planned to make a series – Brian Fargo posted the script for his unreleased pilot episode

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It was going to start with the US nuclear bombing, and one of the heroines was to be a 10-year-old grave robber.

The screenplay, published by Brian Fargo, appears to have been written by October 2020. The series on Wasteland was never filmed, and therefore the head of inXile decided to show experience on the pilot episode for fans and find out their opinion.

The introductory series was to last about two hours, its script is 107 pages long. Fred Armesto and Adam Jingell worked on it (“Atomics”, “Strangers”).

The main characters of the series, based on the script of his pilot, were to be desert rangers led by Angela Det. This heroine appeared in all three parts of Wasteland, in the series they wanted to make her look like Ellen Ripley from “Alien”. Her team was supposed to include Havoc – described in the script as “young Wesley Snipes” – and Vazquez, whom the writers compared to Danny Trejo.

Bear was also going to be made an important heroine. She is described as a 10-year-old girl with pink hair who digs graves in search of valuables and smokes. In one scene, she unveils a burial, signed: “Here lies Homeless Joe. He survived the apocalypse. He choked on a pretzel. ” Later, Medveditsa joins the desert rangers.

A short excerpt from the script

It is not reported for what reason the work on the Wasteland series was stopped.

The last part of the series at the time of writing, Wasteland 3, was released in August 2020, and by the end of 2021 it was played by more than two million people.

The number of players in Wasteland 3 has exceeded two million

In addition, the game recently also broke its record for the number of players at the same time.

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