Abramovich and the publisher of the book “Putin’s People” settled the dispute

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The British publishing house Harpercollins has stated that it has settled a defamation dispute with Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich over the book “Putin’s People”. transmits Reuters. The publishing house agreed to make changes to the book and together with the author Catherine Belton apologized to Abramovich, a representative of the businessman confirmed to Forbes.

“We are pleased that HarperCollins and the author apologized to Mr. Abramovich and amended the book, removing a number of false allegations about him. Not only was these allegations lacking in evidence, they were inaccurate, as follows from the ruling of the High Court of England, which ruled that the book did contain several defamatory allegations about Mr. Abramovich. In total, amendments have been agreed to remove or add more than 1,700 words, “he said.

The book “Putin’s People”, written by former Financial Times correspondent Catherine Belton, was published in 2020. Abramovich has filed a lawsuit in a British court against HarperCollins, which published the book. Among other things, he disputed allegations in the book that he allegedly acquired Chelsea on the orders of Vladimir Putin and is allegedly the “cashier” of the Russian president. In November, the London High Court ruled that nine allegations in Putin’s People tarnished the billionaire’s reputation.

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“Since the purpose of this lawsuit was never punitive, we did not demand compensation for any damages. However, we asked HarperCollins to make a donation to the charity instead of damages, to which they agreed, ”said Abramovich’s spokesman.

In 2021, Roman Abramovich took 12th place in the ranking of the richest Russian businessmen. His fortune at the time of preparing the rating was estimated at $ 14.5 billion. Abramovich has the citizenship of Russia, Israel and Portugal. The latter became known last week.

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