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April is the month of Scandinavian cinema. At least – I have. Hell, he knows why I love gloomy Scandinavia so much, but the movies are catchy. From time to time I like to reconsider the old and see what’s new there. Of course, I’m not a movie buff, but I brought you a list of your favorite Scandinavian movies. This is the juice itself, but, of course, at the end of the link to the list of real experts.

Mystery (Beginning, Pheasant Hunters, Darkness in a Bottle, Magazine 64, The Marco Effect). A series of films from Denmark about two detectives who investigate old capercaillies. Atmospheric.

Girl with a dragon tattoo. Just a great Swedish movie, there is an American adaptation with James Bond, but in the original it is somehow just steeper.

Bridge. Swedish-Danish TV series, which has been remaked 5 times in other countries. The quintessence of autism with a great history.

Uwe’s second life. A wonderful story about a Swedish grumbling grandfather, I will become the same in his old age as he is.

A hundred-year-old man who climbed out the window and disappeared. Another cool Swedish grandfather. And, of course, awesome movies.

Hunting. Great Danish movie with Mads Mikkelsen. Great social drama, under the beer in the evening just right.

Adam’s apples. Well, it’s just a masterpiece about how a stern leader of a neo-Nazi group is released early from prison, but now he has to pass a probationary period in a small village church. Look.

Show me love. Just a movie from childhood about teenagers. Powerful, stylish, still youthful.

One more. Mads Mikkelsen again. Necessarily in the voice acting from the Cube in the cube. Fun but sad. It is better not to look under beer. Better under something stronger.

You can read more about some interesting films here. Not all of them came to me, and some were included in my list above. So drink a beer and watch a good movie.

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