Aaron Pierre, who can play the main villain, has joined the Blade cast

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According to the latter data from Deadline, in the new film “Blade” will appear the star of the series “Underground Railway” and “Krypton”. Mahershale Ali will be accompanied by actor Aaron Pierre, who probably got the role of antagonist.

Aaron Pierre
Aaron Pierre

Journalists from foreign publications did not disclose the role of Aaron Pierre, but some sources report his key position in the picture. The actor is likely to play the main villain in “Blade” and will confront the vampire hunter.

The premiere of Blade will not take place soon, only in the summer of this year will begin its active phase of production. It will be recalled that Bassam Tarik is responsible for directing the film (Where are you from?), And the plot will be written by Stacey Osey-Kuffa (“Guardians”).

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