A vulgar concert of a famous Ukrainian rock band was disrupted in Vladivostok

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“Send Molly” will not perform in the capital of Primorye

The performance of the popular Ukrainian music rock band “Send Molly” will not take place. The concert was to take place in Vladivostok on May 21.

The rock band promised to bring their new album to Primorye. The organizers announced the cancellation of the concert in the official community of the event on social networks.

“It is sad and unpleasant for us to talk about it, but due to the latest events in the world we are forced to cancel our concert,” the organizers wrote.

The band announced the start of ticket sales for their concert even before the “crazy” times. Then the concert was scheduled for spring 2020. Since then, “Send Molly” has been postponed at least nine times. The final date was to be May 21 this year.

“Who to sell tickets to? Tired of postponing “- outraged users under the post about the postponement of the concert to May 2022.

“Send Molly” is a popular youth rock band. Many of their hits are known to almost every Russian between the ages of 13 and 30.

In 2018, the musicians have already visited Vladivostok. At the time, the not-so-popular band performed on a small stage at SanRemo Hall.

Formerly Vostok Media reported about the concert of a popular Ukrainian pop diva that broke down in Vladivostok.

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