A video has appeared on the Internet, which showed previously unseen footage from the film trilogy “The Lord of the Rings”.

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Author of the YouTube channel Unreleased Lord Of The Rings has published an entertaining selection of deleted material from Peter Jackson’s legendary film trilogy The Lord of the Rings.

Most of you know that there is a director’s version that increases the duration of the tapes by about 20-30 minutes. Here the author collected materials that the authors shot, but, for one reason or another, did not dare to add during the final editing.

Some interesting moments from the deleted material:

  • For the prologue of the Brotherhood of the Ring, material was filmed in which Sauron pierced his palm with a blade through a clump of molten gold to mix his blood with metal;
  • More footage was filmed with the elven king Gil Galad. Initially, Sauron killed the elven king by grabbing him by the neck and throwing him. Similarly, he wanted to kill Isildur, so he reached out to him;
  • Numerous scenes of the Brotherhood’s retreat from Moria and the goblins’ attack on Lotlorien were filmed;
  • The scene from the first meeting of Aragorn and Arwen was filmed;
  • The scene of the conversation between Legolos and Treebeard was filmed;
  • Initially, the plot of Two Fortress included the role of Arwen, who was to arrive with Haldir to help the Rohirrim in Helm’s Pad. Many scenes of battles were filmed with the actress, but in the end they decided to refuse her participation;
  • According to Jackson, many materials of the extras’ battles in Helmovoy Paddy were filmed;
  • It was originally planned to show many scenes of the battles of Eovin with Uruk-Khai in the caves of Helmova Padi.
  • The Return of the King was to begin with Aragorn’s nightmare;
  • Gandalf and Pippin were originally scheduled to arrive in Minas Tirith at a time when Faramir’s detachment was being attacked by the Nazgul. The camera was to turn to Osgiliat and then show the scene of the Gondorites’ retreat;
  • Jackson would like to add many of these scenes to the edition marking the 25th anniversary of the trilogy.

Under the comments to the video, users joked that if Jackson had added these scenes, the timing of the tape would have increased by a few more hours. It is worth noting that a lot of new information became known thanks to comments from the bonuses, which were published in the publication dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the first film.

We remind you that this year Amazon will release the first season of the long-awaited series The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power. The series will tell about the events of the second era, the creation of rings of power, the fall of Numenor and the ascent of Sauron. Fans of the universe will be able to plunge into the world of the Mediterranean on September 2.

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