A two-volume book about birds living in the region was published in Tver for the first time

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The publication reflects the data of not only scientists but also amateurs.

The two-volume “Birds of the Tver Region and Adjacent Territories” was published by a team of authors headed by Andrei Zinoviev, Chairman of the Tver Branch of the Russian Society for the Conservation and Study of Birds, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation.

The books contain detailed information about the state of the regional avifauna. More than 1,000 pages describe bird research in the largest area in the Central Federal District.

The book successfully combines the knowledge of specialists and proven field observations of those who are not indifferent to the fate of biological diversity in the region.

The book is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Tver State University.

It will be presented on November 8 at 16:00 in the “Boiling Points” of Tver State University on Sovetskaya, 58, in Tver.

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