a trailer for the film based on the novel by Stephen King has been released

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The premiere of the film will take place this spring.

Rumors about the appearance of a film based on the book “Igniting the Eye” appeared in 2010. The producer of the film received permission from the author of the work to create a film adaptation.

Ryan Keira Armstrong, Zach Efron and Gloria Ruben star in a film about a girl with incredible abilities. In Russia, the picture will be released on the big screens on May 12.

The novel “Igniting the Eye” was published in 1980. The main character is a girl named Charlie McGee, endowed with the gift of pyrokinesis. When her family begins to be monitored by the Office, the girl loses control. The first film based on the book with Drew Barrymore was released in 1984. The creators of the new film adaptation hope that the picture will be no worse than the previous one.

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