“A time when you want to rethink life”: Nyusha admitted that she is having a hard time motherhood – News

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With the advent of children, you have to almost completely reconsider your lifestyle. Some cope with this, and some realize that they were not completely ready for the baby. Nyusha could not restrain herself and complained to fans about the difficulties of motherhood.

In December, the singer became a mother for the second time – the face and name of her son Nyusha is still actively hiding from the curious public. According to the singer, the birth of a child is a unique process that unconsciously makes you rethink your whole life.
However, Nyusha also remembered how difficult it can sometimes be to be a mother. The star did not name specific difficulties, but said that there are many nuances that require a lot of psychological and physical strength from parents. But, according to Nyusha, caring for children is worth the moments of happiness that you experience just by looking at the child.

After marriage, the Russian singer has significantly reduced the amount of work – the artist, who previously worked in the sweat of the brow, now almost does not release new songs and tries to devote all his time to family.
The star admitted that her marriage to Igor Sivov had a positive effect on her and helped her realize that constant work only leads to psychological burnout. And in her children, the singer has found an outlet that helps her look at the world positively.

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