A test for Soviet cartoons, which buzzers will fail with a bang

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In 2022 it will be 86 years since the release of the first domestic cartoon.

On June 10, 1936, the largest film studio in the USSR for the production of animated films was established, which was named Soyuzmultfilm. The very first cartoon “It’s hot in Africa”, created by Soviet animators, was black and white and silent, but it was he who marked the beginning of a long history of domestic animation. Color cartoons in our country began to be produced before the Great Patriotic War – they included such favorite masterpieces of many generations as “Fly-Tsokotukha”, “Uncle Stepa” and “Barmalei”. By the way, during the war, the production of cartoons did not stop – despite the difficult living conditions, children and adults needed bright and good stories shown on the big screen. While evacuating to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, Soyuzmultfilm’s studio created seven animated works, including “Phone”, “Stolen Sun” and “The Tale of Tsar Saltan”.

In total, the Soyuzmultfilm film studio presented the audience with more than one and a half thousand cartoons. Want to test how well you are familiar with domestic animated masterpieces? Then take this difficult test and don’t forget to share the results in the comments!

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