A Spider-Man fan rejuvenates Toby Maguire in the latest film using a realistic dipfek

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If someone was unhappy with Toby Maguire’s aging character in Spider-Man: No Way Home, there’s a solution for you. One of the fans of the popular superhero rejuvenated him with the help of advanced dipfey technology. It turned out to be terribly realistic, although in some places the deception is obvious.

The video was created by the creator of the YouTube channel Movila, which specializes in neural networks and dipfeys. According to the author, by rejuvenating Toby Maguire, he wanted to celebrate the release of the film in digital format.

It took the author several days to rejuvenate Toby Maguire in the film. He used the star’s face from the original Spider-Man trilogy, and after using the dipfeyk, he manually edited some sections. Scenes with good lighting turned out best, the technology can be seen only in dark scenes.

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