A selection of books on self-development that everyone should read

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We have selected for you a collection of books on self-development, which is not a pity to spend your time:

1. “Don’t Go Crazy at Work,” by David Heinemeyer Hanson and Jason Fried

This book very clearly and simply describes the methods of teamwork without unnecessary energy expenditure and “herd feeling”. It was written by the founders of the Basecamp project management system, and it paid special attention to such things as:

When you are often late for work, it means that you need to work on priorities and learn to use time management.

  • The number of cases does not determine your productivity in business.
  • A large number of people in a team is not always good. Sometimes 3 people are better than 4, as it is easier for three to agree and, thus, the team is stronger.
  • If you want to have a good climate in the company, you need to work with the team to decide how to position yourself in the market and how to choose partners.
  • When someone takes away your personal time, it means nothing to them, and it should be important to you and serve as a sign to think.

This book should be read by anyone who is tired of living at work, sacrificing a full personal life.

2. “The will to live. How to use health resources to the maximum “, Andrey Beloveshkin

The author of this book, a physician and candidate of medical sciences, describes the human body and its health as one system that requires a comprehensive approach to treatment.

The book is written in the style of such a manual. After each chapter there are questions and tasks for the reader. They help to gradually understand the main areas of your life that affect your health, and will help consolidate the knowledge gained.

A recommendation to read for those who have long dreamed of strengthening their health and did not know where to start.

3. “Agile life. How to bring life into a new orbit using agile planning methods, neurophysiology and self-coaching “, Ekaterina Lengold

This is a new work by Ekaterina – a guest of our podcast, deserves special attention, as it is an excellent tool for learning in the field of self-development. The book is very motivating and helps to balance your life with the help of practical tasks.

Another work by Ekaterina “Just Space” was recognized as the main book of 2021 according to Forbes.

We recommend Aigle life for reading to everyone who strives for an active and productive life.

4. “Magic Cleaning”, Marie Condo

This book is about how to bring global order to your home and make sure the right things are always back in place. By following the magic rules of this book, you can change your life for the better once and for all:

  • Get rid of the habit of uncontrolled shopping
  • Remove unnecessary rubbish from the house
  • Learn to clean with pleasure and benefit

You need to be prepared that it is always difficult to start, but then what a thrill from the result.

We recommend it to those who have decided to stop buying unnecessary things in the house, who are tired of the constant routine and want to finally breathe with full breasts in their own home.

5. “Games that people play”, Eric Byrne

Understanding the psychology of human behavior is very helpful in everyday life. In this book you will learn that there are three classic ways of behaving people – a child, a parent, an adult. You will understand how to get rid of the usual unconscious behavior, what “games” our subconscious likes to play from day to day and much more. After reading, it will be easier for you to understand and resolve any conflicts.

We recommend it to everyone who works in the field of communications, those who have problems with conflict resolution and recovery after them.

The book will help to understand your own behavior in a given situation.

6. “Say No First,” Jim Camp

This book is recommended by all Russian business coaches as a classic example and a guide to conducting business negotiations.

The book will help you gain super abilities and willpower to withstand even the strongest opponent during negotiations. Will teach to react correctly to manipulations from the opponent and to remain in the winning key for itself.

Recommended for reading by those who often lose to customers at a loss.

7. “What does the future look like?”, John Urri

Probably each of us would like to know at least a few facts from the future in order to protect ourselves and be able to “lay straws” in time in difficult situations. We recommend this book to those who want to learn to see their lives one step ahead.

Here the author explores many different theories and attempts of humanity to model the future: from methods offered at the state level by major international corporations, to options from the art world (literature, theater, cinema, philosophy ..)

8. “Peering into the Sun”, Irwin Yalom

Here is a collection of client stories from the American psychiatrist and psychotherapist, doctor of medicine Yalom. The book is written in plain language, and includes completely different stories from people’s lives, united by a global problem – the fear of death and the end of life. The author of the book skillfully draws conclusions and highlights the point of growth for inner liberation, when you learn to look your fear in the face, thereby liberating yourself and regaining a taste for life.

We recommend reading to all those who feel emptiness in the soul, acutely feel the burden of problems and uncertainty in their lives.

What you read will help you look at your own life under a new sauce.

You can find even more interesting and useful books for your productivity in ours the first and the second compilations.

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