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Hello, dear users of In this article, I will present a selection of books on biohacking that I have read and my own subjective score on a 5-point scale. I myself revolve around the topic of biohacking and run my own channel about biohacking in Telegram – ZizHacking.

Biohacking: A guide to unlocking the body’s potential

Authors: Soviarvi Ollie, Halmetoya Jaakko

Rating: 5/5. I recommend

Homo Sapiens intelligent biohacking: the physical body and its laws

Author: Konstantin Zabolotny

Rating: 3/5. I do not recommend

Brain biohacking. Proven plan for maximum pumping of your brain in two weeks

Author: Espry Dave

Rating: 5/5. I recommend reading first

Biohacking without bigotry. How to live a long full life

Author: Ilya Mutovin

Biohacker nutrition. How to eat to be effective and slow down aging

Author: Ekaterina Shcherbakova

Rating: 5/5. Useful book, but not mast hev

Biohacked. How to keep your health under control to feel 100%

Authors: Artem Goldman, Alexei Bezymyanny

Superman. Biohacker guide for productive and long life

Author: Dave Espri

Rating: 5/5. His bestseller “Brain Biohacking” was published above. Some of the information is partially repeated with information from his first book.

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In fact, the topic of “biohacking” includes books of a narrower focus. To better understand biohacking, I read books with a medical bias: about immunity, gastrointestinal tract, teeth and so on. We can say that health books are also about biohacking. Thank you all. It will be great if in the comments you also share useful books about biohacking that you have read.

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