A scene from the movie “Office Novel” prompted the Russians to argue: News: History

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A scene from the movie “Office Novel”, in which actress Lia Akhedzhakova is waiting for a tram at a stop in Chertanovo, has prompted the Russians to argue. The discussion erupted in Facebook-group “Moscow – that!”.

The author of the post noted that the secretary Verochka, played by Akhedzhakova, is waiting for the tram №1 at the actual “Apteka” stop. However, not everyone agreed. “The stop was built for a movie. But she has never been there, “said one of the commentators, noting that he lives in Chertanovo.

At the same time, some admitted that the “Pharmacy” stop was indeed in the area and was either in the same place or very close. “I lived on it for 22 years. Apparently, the cinema (for the better angle) was slightly moved “,” The stop was there. And it could not be, there is a very long race, “- said users. Someone added that after what he saw, he needed to review the film.

Earlier, a scene from the “Service Novel” reminded the Russians of the abnormally cold September 1976.

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