“A rock star can’t be a good husband”: Morgenstern hinted at divorce

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It seems that the rapper’s short family life has come to an end.

An excerpt from Morgenstern’s new track has been leaked to the Internet. In it, the artist suddenly appeared on the lyrical side.

The musician, who left Russia for the United Arab Emirates, is less and less delighting fans with his new work. Probably, emigration and problems with his wife Dilara influenced the process of writing new hits.

Morgenstern’s wedding was one of the most discussed events last summer. The rapper received an offer of a hand and heart from a popular blogger during his first Shabbat in the synagogue. The lyrics of the new song hint at discord in the family, but before the fans get upset, they should wait for official statements.

“Millions of words are coming out, but we are silently finishing our last dinner, baby, you know, you don’t need me! A rock star can’t be a good husband, “Morgenstern was quoted as saying Peopletalk.

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