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New “Batman” from the studio Warner Bros. and director Matt Reeves became a big hit in the world. With a budget of $ 200 million, the film has so far raised more than $ 670 million worldwide, and has been praised by viewers and critics as the Robert Comtins best film starring Robert Pattinson.

Now the Warner studio has decided to further warm up the interest of those viewers who have not yet seen the film, and those who have already managed to appreciate the novelty. A five-minute remote scene in which Batman meets the Joker has been released online. Robert Pattinson and Barry Keogan, the star of the recent “Eternal” from Marvel, recount the meeting of their characters as a sudden clash of very offended friends.

In this scene, Batman goes to Arkham Psychiatric Hospital to visit one of his former enemies, the Joker, who is currently serving his sentence, with a question about a serial killer. In response, the disfigured Joker expresses his opinion about the identity of the criminal.

The Russian-language version was released by the YouTube channel “In the rating”. In the comments under the video, Gotham Bat fans are scattered in compliments to the episode and the crazy make-up of the Joker’s character and complain that this moment was not included in the main montage of the picture.

“One cannot fail to notice the brilliant work of the cameraman, who shows the Joker gradually, detail by detail: fingers, hair, face in reflection, face in blurred frame. And only in the end as a culmination – a completely open face. And a terrible laugh. I applaud. “

“The most eerie, the most ugly, the most inadequate – this is the Joker I’ve been waiting for! Just great! ”

“They deserved it.” The crowning phrase of any version of the Joker.

“Batman” Warners promised to release on HBO Max by April 19. Versions in various qualities are already available on the Internet.

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