A presentation of the book in memory of Ayaal Stepanov – YASIA took place in Yakutsk

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Two volumes of the book are dedicated to the memory of a major statesman, scientist and public figure

Yesterday in Yakutsk a presentation of two volumes of the book dedicated to the memory of a major statesman, scientist and public figure, laureate of the State Prize of RS (I) in science and technology, honorary worker of agro-industrial complex of Russia and the republic, honored worker of national economy of RS (Y) of Agricultural Sciences, full member of the International Academy of Agrarian Education, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Ayaal Ivanovich Stepanov, the press service of the head and government of Yakutia reports.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Yakutia took part in the presentation of the book on behalf of the leadership of the republic Mikhail Nikiforov. In a welcoming speech, the Deputy Prime Minister thanked the parents Ayaala Stepanova for the upbringing of the glorious son of the Yakut people, who did much useful for the development of the native republic.

«Ayaal Ivanovich for his short but bright life made a great contribution to the development of agriculture and agricultural science. I knew him personally, we often crossed paths on work issues. Ayaal Ivanovich was an easy-going, intelligent, talented leader and scientist. It is remarkable that a book dedicated to his memory was published today. Many thanks to everyone who took part in the work on its preparation for printing“, – said Mikhail Nikiforov.

In the first volume of the book “Ayaal Ivanovich Stepanov. Memories “includes memories of relatives, friends, colleagues, colleagues and friends. The second volume “Ayaal Ivanovich Stepanov. Reports, speeches, publications “consists of working reports, speeches of a major state, scientific and public figure of the RS (I) AI Stepanov at important meetings of the republican, Russian, international level on the development of agriculture, nature protection, ecology, development of agricultural science and other important aspects of activity in the republic. There is also a bibliography of articles in the media that will be of great importance in the future.

The Minister of Agriculture of the Republic made a keynote speech at the presentation of the book Alexander Atlasov. He said that during the years of work of the Minister of Agriculture of Yakutia Ayaal Stepanov made a lot of efforts to implement the Presidential program of socio-economic development of rural areas of the republic for 2002-2006. It was he who made a proposal to allocate a separate line of all investments in rural development in all national target programs. The adoption of such a decision allowed to cover the support of every real producer of the republic. Under the leadership of AI Stepanov, the system of seed production of agricultural crops, the system of breeding in horse breeding were improved, the State Pedigree Kennel of Yakut Livestock was created, new vaccines, probiotics and veterinary drugs were created.

Ayaal Stepanov in different years of his life worked as Deputy Head of the Administration of the President and Government of the RS (I), Director of the Yakutsk Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Minister of Agriculture, Deputy Prime Minister of the RS (I). Before his death, he held the position of director of the Yakut Research Institute of Agriculture named after MG Сафронова.

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