A photographer was detained in Rostov for eight days. She was standing on the street with a white sheet in her hands

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The Kirov district court arrested Rostov photographer Anastasia Nikolaeva for eight days for disobeying a police officer. The girl was detained on February 25, when she staged a single picket with a white sheet of paper in her hands.

– She was standing on the corner of Kirovsky and Bolshaya Sadovaya with a white sheet of paper for about half an hour. Policemen drove up to her and inspected the sheet. One of them called someone and said that there was nothing on the sheet. But they all the same decided to detain, – the witness of detention of Nikolaeva told 161.RU. – They just said, “Let’s go,” without introducing themselves or showing documents. Nastya went, apparently, deciding not to go to conflict. I repeatedly demanded that the police introduce themselves, but the answer was one: “Do not interfere with work.”

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