A photo of Shugi from BTS holding Holzy’s baby provoked a stormy reaction from netizens

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As many of you know, Slush from BTS celebrated his 29th birthday on March 9.

One of his good friends, the only one and unique Holziwas among those who congratulated him on his birthday!

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She shared her story on Instagram “happy birthday, twin (heart)” and shared some cute photos Shugidemonstrating their strong friendship.

One photo I shared Holzicaused a lot of emotions in fans… the top photo in which Slush holds the baby Holzi!!

Netizens commented:

«My heart… »
«Holzi-onny, please take a photo in good quality… please onny… »
“This is a dangerous photo for my heart”
“The child is smiling too !!”
“Please be happy, Jungi… But never get married, TT »
“Why Jungi makes such a face every time a tiny and precious creature of TT appears “

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