a photo of fugitive Pugacheva appeared on the Internet

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The diva changed a little.

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin and their children left the castle in the Moscow suburb of Gryaz more than a month ago, settling in Israel. In the resort town of Caesarea, the star family is not sitting idle.

It was rumored that Pugacheva went to Israel to use the services of local doctors. A new photo of Alla Borisovna, which appeared on social networks, hints at what kind of illness the singer had.

In the photo, the diva shines with a youthful face, but the singer’s legs, peeking out from under the floor of her skirt, look skinny and sore. Earlier, the media reported that Pugacheva did have leg problems, which she has been treating for several years.

There are also those on the Internet who believe that the photo was taken a long time ago and clearly not in Israel.

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Photo source: Legion-media.ru

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