A pedestrian street for Ural artists in honor of Oleg Elov will appear in the Ekaterinburg City district. March 2022 |

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It would seem that is not the time now for columns about heritage, about memory? Or maybe, on the contrary, it’s time?

These days we are all watching what happens when there is no memory.

There was an artist in Sverdlovsk-Ekaterinburg – a breakthrough, bright, brave. Even today, local art revolves around his name and his legacy.

There was a log house at 32 Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya Street, where Oleg Elova painted paintings, organized parties, and received numerous guests from all over the world. The house was demolished a few months ago. Ekaterinburg City facilities will appear in its place.

Observing the public reaction to the demolition of the house and understanding how important Elov’s legacy is for today’s creative Yekaterinburg, I asked the developer to consider whether it is possible to preserve the memory of the artist in the new area – and agreed. We invited Irina Kudryavtseva, an art critic, Elovoi Heritage Specialist, Zoya Tayurova, Deputy Director of the YMII, Architect Yulia Udalova, Larisa Petrova, Vice-Rector of the Yekaterinburg Academy of Contemporary Art, and Darya Bukayev, author of media about construction and technology.

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