A new Superman has been found instead of Henry Cavill for DC movies

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It became known that a new Superman has been found for all future films in the movie universe DC instead of actor Henry Cavill.

The Justice League team was recently shown in the finale of the series “Peacemaker”, released on HBO Max. The most popular superheroes of the DC universe appeared in the form of a small cameo. Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller, who have played Aquaman and Flash again, have returned to their roles. In addition to them in the series “Peacemaker” also appeared Superman with Wonder Woman, who, however, remained in the shadows throughout the episode, and therefore their faces were not visible. Recently, it became known that Superman in this episode was played by actor Brad Abramenko (Brad Abramenko), whose fans now offer to take in all future DC projects instead of Henry Cavill.

In Brad Abramenko’s Instagram account, after he posted footage of himself in a Superman costume, commentators began leaving messages hinting that the actor could replace Henry Cavill in all future DC projects. Abramenko himself seems to have liked the idea, and he posted a new post on social media, where he invited fans to support him and put the hashtag #MySuperman more often, so that the authors of DC movies and TV series would notice him. In addition, the actor asked his subscribers if they want him to appear in the role of Superman in the 2nd season of “Peacemaker”. Fans of Brad Abramenko responded positively and began to demand on social media that the actor be made the new official Superman in all future DC films instead of Henry Cavill.

Actor Henry Cavill himself has not played Superman for a long time. His last appearance in this image was in the movie “Zach Snyder Justice League”. It is unknown at this time whether Henry Cavill will continue to play Superman or be replaced by another actor.

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