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A new film “Plast” with Vdovichenko, Kyaro and Makovetsky will be released

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The premiere of the film “Plast” about two comrades and the smuggling of Kaliningrad amber with Vladimir Vdovichenko and Kirill Kyaro will take place at the Kion online cinema on April 1.

The main characters are criminal drama – Slava and Zhenya, who have been trading in amber since early childhood, rescuing each other. Once in the 90’s they had a real chance to “rise”, become well-off and live safely. But due to the deed of Glory, this did not happen.

A scene from the movie “Plast”. Photo: press service

Many years have passed since then. Currently, two comrades are working for a major criminal boss Yevgeny Sergeevich. The boss gives them a batch of smuggled amber for sale. However, the opinions of friends about the sale of the stone differ sharply, they have to test the friendship with money.

IN movie starring: Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Kirill Kyaro, Victoria Bogatyreva, Sergei Makovetsky, Emila Egorova and other Russian actors. Directed by Stanislav Sapachev.

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