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Visitors will see the personal belongings of the legendary director and his family.

Andrey Tarkovsky. Photo: Russian Look

On April 5, the exhibition “Andrei Tarkovsky: About Him and About Cinema” opened at the Lyuboshchinsky-Vernadsky House (a branch of the State Literary Museum in Moscow on Zubovsky Boulevard).

It is timed to a memorable date – April 4, the cult Soviet director would have turned 90 years old.

The exhibition tells about the history of the Tarkovsky family, reveals the connections between the personal life of the master and his paintings. In the first hall the world of Andrei Arsenyevich’s childhood and youth is recreated: children’s photos, books, drawings and toys, personal belongings of parents and grandmothers. His creative dialogue with his father, the poet Arseniy Tarkovsky, is also important in becoming a master. The audio installation of recordings of the voices of both men creates the effect of their invisible presence at the exhibition.

The second hall is dedicated to the director’s cinematic heritage, it is reported on the site Literary Museum. Here are movie posters, sketches of costumes and scenery, photos from the filming.

Some of Tarkovsky’s family photos and personal belongings are presented for the first time at the anniversary exhibition. We will add that it will be open till August 21.

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