A miracle of miracles! Michael Bay has finally made his best film

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You will laugh, but at the director Michael Bay During his entire career, he did not have many films with overwhelmingly good reviews. Strictly speaking, before the exit “Ambulance” he would have one “fresh” (by Rotten Tomatoes standards) project – “Rock”. In the action with Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery in the lead roles, the percentage of positivity is only 68% (based on 68 reviews). Everything else, except the produced tapes, is “rotten”. Even the Bad Guys and the first Transformers.

And so far “Ambulance” is the highest rated picture with 78% and 32 reviews. So in a way, this is Mr. Demolition’s most successful film.

Critics write very, very nice things, saying “the best Michael Bay lately”

Starring Ace Gonzalez, Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul Matin II. The plot tells the story of two bank robbers who, after an unsuccessful case, seize an ambulance with a critically shot cop and run after the chase throughout the film. The premiere is scheduled for April 8.

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