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A friend told how Valery Todorovsky is grieving the death of Eugenia Brick

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The last role of the actress was filming in the series “Nobody Knows”

The last film in which a cancer patient starred Eugenia Brickreceived the name “Nobody will know”. By some terrible coincidence, the name of the series echoes his wife’s decision Valery Todorovsky do not tell anyone about your fatal diagnosis. And it was Brick who suggested the name for the painting.

The whole film, in which Eugenia Brick starred for the last time in her life, seems to be woven from the awareness of the nearness of death, the uncertainty of when it will all happen: in a day or in three years.

“This is our first collaboration with Eugene Brick, although she starred in films based on my scripts, my husband’s scripts. I’ve always liked her. Zhenya turned out to be a very good person. Not only a talented, but also a very hard-working actress. Always found the strength to smile… In any situation. Everyone on the site loved her… She was very good, ” – said the director Alena Zvantsova.

Eugene Brick in the series “Nobody Knows”. Photo: frame from the movie

According to her, she had no idea about Eugenia’s illness, so the news of the tragedy was a blow to the woman. Secular chroniclers called her to comment on the actress’ death. “I really didn’t know anything about Zhenya’s illness. Nothing at all… So I was shocked, ” – quotes Alena StarHit.

Zvantsova has been friends and collaborators with Valery Todorovsky for many years. It was he who became the producer of the film “Nobody Knows”. “Valery and I have known each other for probably about 20 years. And, of course, this is already a somewhat close human relationship. He is a very strong man. He and Zhenya turned out to be incredibly strong people. “ She said.

The director added that despite the grief, Todorovsky is still attentive to others, collected and tactful. He does not bear his pain outside the family, he lives difficult moments only with those closest to him.

Main PHOTO: Boris Kudryavov

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