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Redwire Pictures has posted a fragment of its upcoming premiere – the feminist thriller “Ask Yourself”. The story in the spirit of “Thelma and Louise” and “I spit on your graves” got a one and a half minute episode, which makes it clear that Vanessa Hudgens (or rather, with her aggressive heroine) is better not to contact.

The fragment shows how a policeman stops a car with three main characters. Girls are tense, because blacks in America are always tense at the sight of the police, even if they are not guilty of anything. At this point, Beatrice, played by Vanessa Hudgens, demands that the police explain the reason for the stop, flooding the official with legal wording, after which he releases them.

The plot of the film revolves around Joey, a waitress from a small town who was raped during a date. Traumatized by this event, she meets two girls – Regina and Beatrice. They invite Joey to join their team of lynchers fighting men who are not afraid to cross the line. However, girls can go too far in achieving their goals.

This is the first feature film for director and screenwriter Imon O’Rourke.

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The main roles were shared between Kirsey Clemons (“Zach Snyder’s Justice League”), Alexandra Shipp (“With Love, Simon”) and Vanessa Hudgens (“Tick-tock Boom!”). Of the male half of humanity, Ezra Miller (“It’s Quiet to Be Quieter”) and Luke Hemsworth (the older brother of the same Liam and Chris) made the film.

“Themselves Asked” will be released in the United States in limited box office and on video on March 4.

Netflix recently released a four-minute snippet of the upcoming sci-fi action thriller The Adam Project with Ryan Reynolds. You can watch it at the link.

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