A first look at the White June festival in Arkhangelsk: not just books

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This year’s “White June” is also music, movies, food, crafts, e-sports, cosplay and comics.

About a big festival “Region 29” exclusively told by its organizer, director of the Foundation for the Development of Culture and Arts of the Arkhagelsk region Vasily Larionov.

“White June” is the name of the whole festival of new culture, not just the book festival. Now this is the only title that will be joined by subheadings – for example, “White June. Books “or” Food “,” Art “,” Game “,” Cinema “and so on.

– Before that, we had, in fact, a platform on which to meet different festivals – books, street theaters, creative industries, – said Vasily Larionov. – And now we have a closed ecosystem, like Sber or Yandex, in which all events are part of one big story.

The festival will take place in two weeks (in fact, in two weekends): in the first – books and music, and in the second – the creative industries.

The book festival will actually take place in Arkhangelsk from June 24 to 26. The book fair this year will be even bigger than last year. After all, now that paper is becoming more expensive, and foreign giants such as Stephen King are leaving the Russian market, booksellers are just happy to be able to meet the needs of booksellers. So there will be even publishing houses at the fair that were not represented before.

Almost 20 more famous Russian writers will come. For example, Marina Stepnova, author of the bestseller “Women of Lazarus”, novels “Godless Lane”, “Garden”. According to her text, in 2022 they wrote “Total Dictation”.

The concept of “creative industries” at this year’s festival will expand significantly. After all, it includes not only handmade, but also technology. With the subtitle “Game” in “White June” will join the festival of geek culture – comics, cosplay, e-sports… But everything handmade and warm – crafts, design, fashion – will also remain, so without a fair of masters nowhere. Geeks and masters will share Petrovsky Park on July 2 and 3.

And in front of the drama theater in the same days will be a real gastronomic festival of cuisine of the peoples of the world – “White June. Food ».

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