a famous singer boiled over from Sobchak’s antics

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Natalia Sturm could not contain her anger.

With the onset of difficult times, Ksenia Sobchak hurried to retire away from Russia. The presenter flew urgently to Israel, where, according to rumors, Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin also arrived.

Not all Russians liked Sobchak’s escape. Many believed that Ksenia betrayed her homeland, leaving it in difficult times. The famous singer was on the list of those who fought for the lead.

Natalia Sturm reminded Sobchak of all her sins.

“She left in a second as soon as the country asked for help from its citizens. You got away with it – and the accident with the victims, and jaundiced leprosy, and numerous provocations of a political nature. You are not a patriot, and most importantly, you do not love your homeland! You love yourself and your comforts. You are weak in spirit! ” – wrote Sturm on the Web.

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