a famous director spoke about the series on “Sherlock”

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Both announced projects should be given a chance.

HBO Max’s desire to release spin-offs about Sherlock’s daughter Watson and a black mercenary did not inspire director and film journalist David Schneiderov, but in an interview with PopCornNews, he urged not to give projects a black mark ahead of time:

“If the series is good, the sundress radio will work for it. If the pilot and the first series are good, the effect will be positive. We need to wait for the pilot series so that this product can be judged. “

At the same time David Schneider noted that the absence of the director and the main star of the original franchise may go unnoticed by viewers if the NGO Max makes the right choice:

“I’m sorry there won’t be Guy Ritchie, I’m sorry Downey Jr. will only be a producer, because their combination with Jude Law was great. Having three of these names is a guarantee of quality, but it is not obvious that the other combination will be bad. We need to see who will replace them. “

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