A. Emelianenko told what books he likes to read

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A. Emelianenko told what books he likes to read

Alexander Nasonov

Russian mixed martial arts fighter Alexander Emelianenko told about his literary preferences.

“Do you like reading like me? I prefer history, philosophy and classics, don’t you? ” – he wrote in “Instagram”, attaching the text to the appropriate photo.

You can see the photo in «instagram»Alexandra Emelianenko.

Here is what the subscribers wrote in the comments:

“And eyes read.”
“I love reading, for me it’s like a sport! I go to myself and rest. Yesterday I took the classics, it dragged on. ”
“You need to read! At least one hour a day. Whether there is time or not. “

Emelianenko will have three fights in 2021: with blogger Artyom Tarasov, Dzhigan and MMA fighter Vladimir Mineev. It has recently become known that he also plans to fight with Vyacheslav Datsik.

Alexander’s last fight was in July 2020. Then at the Absolute Championship Akhmat (ACA) promotion tournament in Sochi he was knocked out by Magomed Ismailov, who rose to the heavyweight category especially for this fight. In total, Emelianenko has 28 victories, eight defeats and one draw.

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