A documentary book about the history of the Caucasus has been published at the Rosa Khutor resort: History: My country:

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The documentary book “Journey to the Caucasus” was published at the Rosa Khutor resort. Memoirs of a Russian officer “, published jointly with the Meshcheryakov Publishing House. This was reported by Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

The publication is based on the documentary Memoirs of a Caucasian Officer, first published in 1864 in the Russian Herald, by Baron Fyodor Fyodorovich Tornau, a participant in the Caucasus War. He was the first to enter the area of ​​modern Greater Sochi as a scout and during one of the expeditions was captured, after which he lived among the mountaineers for two years. It was these events that formed the basis of his memoirs.

Alexander Belokobylsky, General Director of Rosa Khutor, said that Tornau’s work was of great importance, as he had explored the region where thousands of Russians are vacationing today. “And we would very much like them to know as much as possible about the history and culture of our beautiful land. This is not the first time we have addressed Tornau’s heritage. The exposition of our Museum of Archeology is also largely based on the memories of Fyodor Fedorovich. We are glad to have the opportunity to preserve the glorious name of this man, to remind people once again of his exploits and research work, “he said.

Tornau’s memoirs have been republished several times, both in Soviet times and today. The latest edition is richly illustrated and addressed to a wide range of readers.

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