A difficult test in Soviet cinema: try to score 8/10

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August 27, 1919 is considered to be the birthday of Soviet cinema.

It was then, according to a decree adopted by the Sovnarkom of the RSFSR, that the photographic and cinematographic trade passed into the hands of the People’s Commissariat for Education. Subsequently, on August 27, they began to celebrate the Day of Russian Cinema. In the 1920s, the first success came to domestic filmmakers – the silent films of Dziga Vertov and Sergei Eisenstein are still considered masterpieces not only of Soviet but also of world cinema. For example, Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin is rightly recognized as one of the most influential films of the early twentieth century. The scene of the shooting on the Potemkin Stairs has been repeatedly quoted by other directors – in “Untouchables” by Brian de Palma, “Deja Vu” by Juliusz Mahulski, “Brazil” by Terry Gilliam and others. A parody of this scene is found even in the animated series “The Simpsons”!

We have prepared a complex test for Soviet cinema. Anyone who answers all ten questions can consider himself a true connoisseur and be proud of his knowledge. Take the test and don’t forget to share your results in the comments – let’s see if there are any of you you can emulate!

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