A cookbook on the Witcher’s universe has been announced Games

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CD Projekt RED has presented a book of recipes for the universe of games The Witcher (“The Witcher”). Pre-orders for the publication have appeared on the websites of Amazon, Walmart and a number of other stores.

The authors of the cookbook were Anita Sarna and Karolina Krupetska. The recipes will be dedicated to the key characters and places of the saga, as well as help fans find out what Geralt could eat during his travels. The volume of the book will be 240 pages.

Two versions are available for pre-order: electronic and hardcover. The first will cost $ 15 (₽1.2 thousand), and the second – $ 35 (₽2.9 thousand). The book will be distributed in English. The developers have not announced plans to localize the publication in different countries.

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