A concert of a very famous Ukrainian pop diva was disrupted in Vladivostok

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Ani Lorak will not perform in Primorye

The concert of the popular singer Ani Lorak has been canceled in the capital of Primorye. It was to take place in late April.

A concert popular with many Russians by singer Ani Lorak was to take place on April 22 in Vladivostok. The key here is “should”. The performance was canceled. Not only in Vladivostok, but also in Khabarovsk.

Earlier, the singer announced on her social media pages about the cancellation of her concert in St. Petersburg.

Lorak is not just a popular singer from the 2010 playlist, she has won many music awards. In 2012, she took 2nd place at Eurovision, losing to Dima Bilan. In 2018 she was the mentor of the show “Voice” on Channel One. Under her songs, they go to work, start families, hold feasts and leave in English.

The reasons for the cancellation of the concert have not yet been announced. The organizers promise to return the funds to users in the near future for tickets, the cost of which ranged from 2,600 to 4,900 rubles.

Formerly Vostok Media wrote on the cancellation of concerts of the legendary group “Mummy Troll”.

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