A book has been published about the founder of Petrograd’s Dynamo, who hunted for Lenka Panteleev

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The book “Petrograd. The Chekists’ Football was presented in one of the halls of the Lenfilm film studio by its authors, journalists Alexei Dunaevsky and Alexei Petrov, and publisher Alexander Merkulov.

As Alexei Dunaevsky said, using the term of film studies, “Petrograd. Football Chekists “is a kind of prequel to his previous book” Blockade Football “. Many readers have asked why there is so little historical information about Leningrad’s Dynamo, which took part in the blockade matches, a team that was one of the best in the USSR in the pre-war years. The author turned to this topic, deciding to start from the founding of the football club, to tell about those who were at the origins – the Petrograd Chekists, who created in 1922 the team of the GPU.

Here Dunaevsky faced the problem of unavailability of many documents. “The archives of the special services remain closed, they are very reluctant to enter them. It took a lot of effort to gather reliable information about Leonid Dmitriev. Alexander Merkulov helped us a lot in this search. I would also like to thank our friend Kirill Nabutov, who fully supported the project, including through his contacts at the Museum of Political History, ”the journalist and film critic admitted.

Alexei Petrov told the St. Petersburg Diary that he used documents and photographs from his collection on the history of St. Petersburg football, which he has been collecting for many years. “When I worked as a spokesman for the football club” Dynamo St. Petersburg “, made programs for matches, met with family members of football players, gained access to their archives, scanned unique pictures.”

The authors convincingly prove that the football “Dynamo” in Petrograd was organized earlier than the Moscow “Dynamo”, and this year will mark the 100th anniversary of the team.

The book will be interesting not only to those who love the history of football. Alexei Dunaevsky said that he wrote not only about how the operatives of the GPU (former Cheka) chased the ball in the rare hours of leisure in the Alexander Garden, next to their building on Gorokhova, 2. The whole chapter is devoted to hunting the most famous bandit in the history of our city Lenka Panteleev. The founder of the Chekists’ football team, Leonid Dmitriev, led the capture of the most dangerous criminal after his escape. This is a true story of the liquidation of a ruthless murderer and robber, written on archival documents using photographs from the Museum of Police History.

Leonid Dmitriev was a versatile athlete, he even piloted an airplane first among Dynamo. He played football at an amateur level, and the Chekist team that started Dynamo quickly became professional by the standards of those years. Its founder continued to serve in the security services, but remained faithful to the sport – he headed the city council of “Dynamo” all sports, he himself until 1939 played for veteran teams.

“His role is quite comparable to that played in Moscow by the legendary brothers of Starostina. If they were engaged only in football, founded “Spartak”, then Leonid Dmitriev initiated the creation of a society in our city, which developed dozens of sports, “- said Alexei Dunaevsky.

The process of working on the book was nearing completion, when the authors managed to get in touch with the granddaughter and great-granddaughter of Leonid Dmitriev, who kept an invaluable archive of his photographs. Only a small part was included in the book “Petrograd. Football of the Chekists “, but in the near future a photo album with comments will be published, which will be a supplement to the biography of this man. Also, the team of researchers will continue to work on the history of the Leningrad “Dynamo” in the following books.

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