A book about the USSR chess champion Valentina Borisenko was published in Cherepovets

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Five-time USSR champion Valentina Borisenko was born in Cherepovets in 1920. The book was published on the chess player’s birthday – January 28.

The author Yuri Sudakov describes the childhood of the future chess player, her first chess games, her first victories at city championships, the war years and her first victory at the USSR championship in 1945.

“In 1953, Valentina married chess player Georgy Borisenko. He helped his wife understand the intricacies of the art of chess. From 1956 to 1965 she became a three-time champion of the USSR, – says Yuri Sudakov. – When I was collecting materials for the book, I met people who knew Valentina Borisenko, played chess with her. I wrote down their memories, gave the brightest quotes. “

The book contains photos of the chess player, tables of championships in which she won, disassembled games.

The book “Chess by Valentina Borisenko” was published in a limited edition. You can find it in a bookstore on Sovetsky Avenue and in city libraries.

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