A book about the crimes of “Ukrainian death squads” has been published in Russia

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The presentation of the book “Ordinary Fascism: Ukrainian War Crimes and Human Rights Violations (2017-2020)” written by Maxim Grigoriev, a member of the Public Chamber of Russia and a State Duma deputy, took place in Moscow on March 29. Dmitry Sablin.

The publication is a continuation of Maxim Grigoriev’s book “Ordinary Fascism: War Crimes of Ukrainian Security Forces (2014-2016)” published in 2016. As Grigoriev explained to Parlamentskaya Gazeta, over the past years, crimes and human rights violations by the Ukrainian regime have not only become “massive” but have become “an integral part of the system of power in Ukraine.”

In particular, in the new book, the authors describe the Ukrainian ideology, “built on Russophobia”, including the struggle against the Russian language and the creation of “hatred towards Russian culture and Russians.” And this despite the fact that Grigoriev added that most of the country’s population speaks Russian – more than 60 percent, and 84 percent of citizens use Russian on social networks. He also noted that the Ukrainian regime “heroizes the accomplices of Nazism” by holding public holidays on their birthdays, renaming streets and creating state museums and monuments in their honor, and proclaims Ukraine’s European and Euro-Atlantic course.

“Ukrainian ideology is being implemented in the most brutal way – with the help of numerous Ukrainian” death squads “killing, beating and torturing Donbass residents, opposition politicians and journalists, censorship and mass violations of freedom of speech, bans on opposition media and arrests of journalists, persecution of Ukrainians. the Orthodox Church, “Grigoriev said.

In addition, according to a member of the Public Chamber, all this is accompanied by the destruction by the Armed Forces of Ukraine of hospitals and hospitals in Donbass, kindergartens and universities, houses and infrastructure during the ongoing civil war.

“All these actions, according to international humanitarian law, are clearly classified as war crimes,” said the co-author of the book. “However, in modern Ukraine, even an attempt to mention the civil war on the air leads to checks and bans on the media and the arrest of the person who raised the issue.”

According to Grigoriev, in preparing the publication, the authors focused not on “theoretical understanding of what is happening,” but on “presentation of facts.”

“All of them are easily verifiable and obtained from open sources, as well as in numerous and separately highlighted in the book interviews with Ukrainian lawyers, journalists, political refugees and former political prisoners,” he said.

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