A book about fellow countryman-cosmonaut Anatoly Filipchenko was presented in Ostrogozhsk

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The presentation of the book “Our Astronaut” took place in the Ostrogozhsky district library on March 29, Elena Lobkina, the director of the Ostrogozhsky central district library, told RIA “Voronezh”. The book about Anatoly Filipchenko “Our Astronaut” by writer Valery Tikhonov was published last year. The Ostrogozhsky district administration assisted in its publication.

The first part of the book contains pages from the astronaut’s documentary “Reliable Orbit”, published in 1978. In the second – the author’s memories of meetings with his senior comrade, an interview with an astronaut, his assessment of the current state of the space industry and the life of the country, little-known facts from the personal life of Anatoly Filipchenko. Valery Tikhonov presented the author’s copies of the books to all city, school and rural libraries.

– I would like to thank the Ostrogozhsky district administration from the bottom of my heart for the help provided in publishing the book. I want it to become a textbook of life for the younger generation. There are people who make history, and we are glad that our compatriot is among them. This publication will help raise our children in the spirit in which our fathers and grandfathers lived, – said Valery Tikhonov.

Member of the Union of Writers of Russia Valery Tikhonov lives in Liski. It took the writer eight years to work on the book. Valery Alekseevich met twice as a Hero of the Soviet Union on his 70th birthday. Since then, they continue to communicate closely. The author has repeatedly visited Anatoly Filipchenko in Star City.

– I am sure that the book will be in demand in Ostrogozhsky and Liskinsky districts. Anatoly Filipchenko studied at school №2, which now bears his name. There is a class dedicated to the hero’s exploits. Students often write poems and essays dedicated to Anatoly Vasilyevich. The astronaut himself does not forget about us, he is interested in the life of the city, he used to come often to meetings with schoolchildren. We are proud of our compatriot and of living with such people at the same time. I am sure that his example will bring up many great people in the Ostrogozhsky district, – said Elena Lobkina.

According to Valery Tikhonov, the idea of ​​the book is to tell about Anatoly Filipchenko not only as an astronaut, but also about how the peasant’s son was able to reach such heights, show his character, determination, human traits and love for the Motherland. The book-biography will be transferred to educational institutions of the Ostrogozhsky area.

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