A biographical book about Angela Merkel has been published in Germany

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In particular, it tells about Merkel’s disputes with Vladimir Putin during the Ukrainian crisis in 2014. According to the author of the book, journalist Ralph Bolman, when the talks became especially hot, politicians were not shy in their expressions and “ignored the generally accepted rules of diplomacy.”

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In Germany came out biography book “Angela Merkel. Chancellor and Her Time ”by historian and journalist Ralph Bolman. It describes, among other things, the heated disputes between the Chancellor and Russian President Vladimir Putin during the crisis in Ukraine in 2014. Here are some quotes from the book:

“The telephone conversations of 2014 were often in the nature of duels, in essence.” Putin said “a lot, sometimes indefinitely, more than half of the time allotted.”

“In difficult situations, he became very emotional, risky. It was unclear whether this was a real outburst of emotion or just a calculation. They talked to each other in the face. Both communicated openly with each other, disregarding generally accepted rules of diplomacy. In other words, sometimes they switched to higher tones. “

In Germany, while there is no reaction to the Chancellor’s revelations, the book must first disperse, he said political scientist from Germany Alexander Rar. He believes that there is nothing surprising in the disputes between the two leaders:

– In Russia, it has always been thought that Merkel and Putin are very close. This has never been the case. Merkel did not miss the opportunity to speak negatively about Putin, it was simply imperceptible, because others spoke more harshly. Sometimes she reacted indignantly, for example, when Putin launched his dog into negotiations. She was just offended. “They knew I was afraid of dogs.” It’s not particularly revealing to me that she says they swore on the phone. On the other hand, we must not forget that it stopped NATO enlargement in 2008 and broke through Nord Stream 2 ». This shows that she is not an enemy of Russia, but she is not a friend of Russia and has never been a friend of Russia. Unlike Schroeder and Kohl, she was always very suspicious. Of course, in a book like a memoir, quotations cannot be made without Merkel’s permission. She is seldom so outspoken, and if she agrees that someone is writing her biography and talking to her for hours, they are not only talking about Putin, but also about Trump and Biden. She decided to speak frankly.

– How can this book play a role in destiny? Is she playing a PR role for the future?

– This is just another biography of Merkel. I think that the initiative for this work did not come from Merkel. And then she thought, what can we say? The journalist also asked her to tell a little more than she has told so far. She may have discovered more personal. She promised to give some “candy”. I think she wants to show herself because she is very influenced by the media and especially the West. And she is very upset that half of Europe has fallen on her, that she has a special relationship with Russia in connection with the Nord Stream 2 ». She decided to balance, to show that she is not a friend of Russia, that she talks to Putin much harder than others.

In 2014, Merkel and Putin called dozens of times. “Merkel refused to travel to Moscow, fearing that there was no chance of success.” writes Bolman. He also claims that the chancellor wanted to unite EU countries around anti-Russian sanctions. However, Europe’s calculation that rising food prices in Russia would reduce the president’s popularity did not materialize. The biography also says that Merkel in 2015 feared Greece’s exit from the eurozone more than in 2012, when the country was mired in debt. She allegedly feared the rapprochement of Athens with Moscow.

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