92 best songs of 1992: “Rain”, “Look in the eyes”, “Too Funky” and other songs

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At the end of another great historical epoch, the editors and authors of the music section of the Daily Posters summarize its musical results and talk about their favorite songs from the last 30 years. Today together with Sergey Stepanov (“Freedoms of Translation”) remember the best tracks of 1992.

1991 was a turning point in the history of world pop music: it was then that both the calendar and cultural nineties began. With alternative rock as part of the mainstream, with soothing electronics led by Massive Attack, with post- and noise rock as a real alternative, with endless mixing of genres. In 1992, these processes finally swept the mainstream. While Nirvana and Pearl Jam went to festivals, their main hits were Stone Temple Pilots and Alice In Chains. The godmother of trip-hop, Nene Cherry, has released her main album “Homebrew”, and the godparents of dream-pop and shoegaze have released their best single “Teenage Lust”.

1992 revealed to the world Afex Twin with his soothing ambience and The Verve with their foggy moan, Manic Street Preachers with their agit-pop and Tori Amos with her poignant ballads about a terrible woman’s fate. The new era also captivated the heroes of the past: Inxs became fascinated with the gutta-percha sound of new pop music, Peter Gabriel continued to explore new technologies, Morrissi finally took off his youthful romantic costume and became a stadium herald, and The Cure visited these stadiums. The year 1992 proved that the main characters and phenomena of the previous 12 months, seriously and for a long time – the naive, noisy and bright eighties – are finally a thing of the past.

In Russia, meanwhile, the process was completely reversed. The collapse of the USSR was the impetus for finding roots and self-awareness in the new world. Boris Grebenshchikov records “Russian Album”, “Megapolis” – “Women’s Heart”, “Zero” – “Polundra”. These are songs not about reality, but about how to fix yourself in eternity. Meanwhile, post-Soviet pop music is being born on the ruins of Soviet pop music – and Natalia Vetlitskaya with her “Look in the Eyes” sets the tone for a new era: now everything will be stylish, beautiful – and idealess.

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