9 signs that will allow you to easily understand a talented actor in front of you or so

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You don’t have to be a famous film critic to understand whether we are a good actor or not. This can be guessed even at the level of intuition. However, professionals have several important criteria by which they distinguish a talented game from a mediocre one. So, if you look closely, each of us will also be able to try on the role of a professional film critic.

We are in conducted their own little research to find out how to distinguish a talented actor from a passable one.

He is not afraid to play real people

One of the brightest roles for actors is those that allow them to play real people. But this is quite a risky task, because in this case the viewer has a straight line model comparisons and juxtapositions with the prototype and can understand whether the actor has coped well with the role. If while watching a movie you forget that you are watching the work of a movie star, then, obviously, she is doing her job well.

Sometimes the opportunity to play a real person allows the actor to better reveal their creative potential. For example, if film critics were previously skeptical of Kristen Stewart and they talked, that on the screen it “hurts to look”, then after the role of Princess Diana Kristen was nominated for an Oscar. In the movie “Spencer”, the actress is not only believable copies familiar manners of Lady Dee, but also fills the character with his own melodramatic hyperbole.

Mastery of micromimics

Micromimics Is a sophisticated tool that allows you to show subtle and fleeting emotions in moments of pauses between cues. It helps to better understand the words spoken, as well as to feel them on an emotional level. One example of micromimics is expressive meaningful look. Mastering this technique allows you to explain the state of the hero without words.

For example, Leonardo DiCaprio won his long-awaited Oscar for the film “Survivor”, although before that he had a huge number of strong roles. For his previous work in “Wolf of Wall Street”, the actor was also nominated for an Oscar, but still in “Survivor” he succeeded with one look to show both pain, and experiences, and the tormented soul of the character. He was able to demonstrate a wide range of hidden emotions as never before.

He knows how to make the viewer stop seeing the character of the actor himself

A real professional is able to make so that at some point the viewer stopped seeing even the traces of the actor in his character. The artist must convince us of the reality of his hero. And he should do it in each of his new works, and not be a hostage of one image. So, when we watch Meryl Streep movies, we always see different women with their stories, experiences, problems and hopes. No wonder Strip’s piggy bank already 3 Oscars and 21 nominations for this prestigious award.

At the same time, there are many worthy actors and actresses who have found their role and repeatedly embody the same or similar characters on the screen. For example, Sarah Jessica Parker once brilliantly played the role of Carrie Bradshaw, and since then she has become attached to this image of a charming heroine. Here is her last high-profile work to date again connected with Carrie.

Has a good reaction, knows how to listen and pays attention to what surrounds him

In addition, good actors make the audience forget that this is just a movie and that the actors are just playing a character. One of the ways we help them achieve this effect is a living reaction to everything that happens in the imaginary world. It is important to make the viewer believe that the person on the screen is really part of this world. By in words professionals, “the trick of a good actor is to fully immerse yourself in your character. He knows how to make the camera and the 50 bored guys who eat donuts disappear. ”

In many ways, close interaction with your stage partners helps to fully immerse yourself in the circumstances proposed by the script. Talented actors are ready to be flexible and adapt to the fact that at some point something may not go according to script. To do this, it is important not to focus only on your game.

Carefully studies the psychology of the hero and makes viewers believe that we are a real person, not a character

In order for the image created on the screen to be as authentic as possible, the actor must come to understand his character in a way research. To do this, first, he repeatedly rereads the script, trying to study and question everything he knew about the character before. Secondly, the actor can also try to imagine what his character’s past and future are like. Third, learning the character’s profession can help enter the image. For example, if you play a professor at a university, you need to know what it takes to become a professor in a certain field, talk to some members of this profession, learn about their salary and lifestyle.

For example, when Meryl Streep played the tough and cold editor of a glossy magazine that everyone around her feared, she didn’t even go out of her way behind the scenes and held distance with colleagues. And Heath Ledger, trying on the image of the Joker, voluntarily completely cut off myself from the rest of the world and spent 6 weeks in a hotel room alone. All this time, Heath kept the Joker’s Diary, where he described what was going on in his head.

He plays with his voice and understands what vocal control is

Vocal control covers almost all the details of the actor’s possession voice: control of your own tone, control of the interlocutor or even the whole scene. The voice can help show the hero from the other side, then the actor uses sharp differences: he begins to speak slyly, and then, as his character changes, his voice changes. This is what Colin Firth, in particular, did when he played George VI in The King Speaks! Vocal control helps to release vivid emotions through speech.

Or, conversely, the actor prefers to maintain a uniform speech tone throughout the story. For example, Heath Ledger used this trick when he played the Joker – and that made his character even more sinister.

Uses movements to create an image. His body is the perfect tool

A good actor must master his own body, because it is the movements that can help him reveal the essence of the character without words. Movement is an important thing that helps to tell the story of the hero and conveys his feelings not in a single moment, but throughout the time while the character is in the frame. A classic example is Charlie Chaplin. His clumsiness and comic movements immediately give a complete picture of the hero. And in general for all comedians of the movement – this is the best way to create funny situations. Remember Jim Carrey, Rowan Atkinson, Melissa McCarthy. An integral element of comedy is the movement within the frame.

Not afraid to look vulnerable

Great actors ready show the general public those hidden parts of your soul that most people hide. They are always emotionally naked and are not afraid to look petty, pathetic, mean, jealous, scared on the screen. Yes, many of these qualities are within us, but we are embarrassed to show them, and good actors are not afraid to sacrifice their dignity for the sake of the role.

The ability to change beyond recognition

Ability to be transformed beyond recognition – another skill possessed by great actors. Yes, costume designers and make-up artists often help them with this, but real professionals are not used to relying only on special effects or digital manipulations. The ability to reincarnate requires a lot of preparatory work. So to cope with the role of Stephen Hawking, actor Eddie Redman learned to portray a paralyzed 72-year-old scientist living with ALS. That’s what he is for spent many hours of training with a Hollywood choreographer and a neurologist consultant.

And what is the most important thing for you in the acting profession? What do you pay attention to when watching the work of actors?

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