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Corporations often arise from dreams, the desire to make the world a better place, or the unexpected decision to change everything. Together with the international audiobook service Storytel gathered the best non-fiction about famous companies – both foreign and Russian.

“Bezonomics: How Amazon is changing the world business. Jeff Bezos Game Rules »

Netflix, McDonald's, IKEA: 9 non-fiction books about famous companies

Jeffrey Bezos is one of the richest people in the world, the founder and owner of the largest Internet company Amazon, which was originally called the invisible fighter in the air battle with the biplane. Jeffrey Bezos’s business practices are being studied by all tech giants. How to resist the offensive power of Amazon? Is it possible to adopt her experience? What awaits society in the age of robotics and job cuts? The book opens the veil of secrecy and answers some questions about the corporation.

“Civilization X5. From stores without goods to stores without sellers. How Perekrestok and Pyaterochka changed Russian trade?

Netflix, McDonald's, IKEA: 9 non-fiction books about famous companies

Why do people go to the store? Is it just for products? Of course not. The main thing that gives us a trip to a modern supermarket is a sense of stability from the shelves filled with goods. The courtesy of the staff and the cleanliness of the premises increase our self-esteem. New technologies are making progress. This and much more became the basis for the creation of the shops “Pyaterochka” and “Perekrestok”, which have become so familiar to us. Read in the book how the X5 Retail Group team has gone from a Soviet deli to a modern supermarket and why the retailer’s experience will be useful to all entrepreneurs.

“The battle for good deeds. How McDonald’s has become invulnerable “

Netflix, McDonald's, IKEA: 9 non-fiction books about famous companies

The success story of McDonald’s was told by the former CEO, who has dedicated more than 25 years of his life to the company. The book contains all the ways to ensure the sustainable development of business, turning hate into loyalty, and loyalty – in adoration. How to constantly increase sales according to your own rules, but not just work for money? How to always put the customer first and love your job endlessly? How do values ​​help strengthen a brand? The answers to these and other questions are collected in this book.

“Netflix. An insider story of a company that conquered the world “

Netflix, McDonald's, IKEA: 9 non-fiction books about famous companies

There has been a lot of gossip about Netflix over the years, but this book is the first honest investigation by an independent Reuters journalist into a streaming leader. Two completely different people decided to start a business – and did not lose. The perfect partnership has become the basis of a business whose rules are now the standard for all the world’s leading companies. It is noteworthy that Netflix has become a leader twice – first as an ordinary DVD rental, and later as an online cinema. Double success is a merit, there are no such coincidences, which means that the experience of the corporation is useful to any other organization.

“Vkusville: How to revolutionize retail by doing things wrong”

Netflix, McDonald's, IKEA: 9 non-fiction books about famous companies

Vkusville has entered the health food market and revolutionized retail. From a small dairy kiosk to a network of 5,000 employees without a single loan, strict orders and regulations, KPIs and planned annual budgets. The book by Yevgeny Shchepin, one of the key employees of the network, is an honest story about the company’s successes and failures, plans and expectations, attitudes towards employees and customers and, of course, about people without whom Vkusville would never have become what he is. we know him today.

“Alibaba. History of the world’s first-person ascent “

Netflix, McDonald's, IKEA: 9 non-fiction books about famous companies

Jack Ma, a former English teacher, was able to come up with, found and build the Alibaba Group in ten years, which today includes, Alibaba Pictures,,,, Alipay and other companies. From the beginning, Alibaba was seen only as a trading platform for small and medium-sized enterprises, but today Alibaba shares have broken all records, reaching tens of billions of dollars. The story of the founder himself is an icon of private enterprise and the gatekeeper of millions of consumers from Hangzhou in China to Torzhok in Tver.

“There is an idea! History of IKEA »

Netflix, McDonald's, IKEA: 9 non-fiction books about famous companies

Ingvar Kamprad, Swedish entrepreneur, founder of IKEA, one of the richest people in the world, talks about how to build a profitable business in an atmosphere of creativity, mutual respect and trust. The founder of the corporation shares what solutions have helped the company survive numerous crises and build an extremely efficient and unparalleled business model. This is a real guide for everyone who wants to become an entrepreneur and succeed.

“Shoe seller. The story of Nike, told by its founder “

Netflix, McDonald's, IKEA: 9 non-fiction books about famous companies

Nike is one of the world’s most recognizable brands. Half a century ago, the company’s founder, Phil Knight, borrowed $ 50 from his father and began reselling sneakers from Japan. Today, Nike has an annual turnover of 30 billion dollars, and a pair of sneakers with a tick is in the closet of people around the world. Phil rarely gives interviews, so this book is a real confession about the creation of a company that managed to give a dream to millions of people. Nike is an ideology, a way of life, a system of values, and the book contains dozens of stories about the life of a company that conquered the world.

“Corporation of Geniuses: How to manage a team of creative people”

Netflix, McDonald's, IKEA: 9 non-fiction books about famous companies

As a child, Ed Catmull, president of Pixar, dreamed of being like Einstein and Disney. The image of a connoisseur of the laws of the world and the creator of the world of animation did not leave Ed all his life and largely determined the vector of his professional biography. In the book, Ed talks about the powerful impetus given by children’s dreams and hopes: yesterday’s boy, who died in front of the screen during the Wonderful World of Disney show, now runs a successful film studio and experiences the difficult science of managing a “genius corporation”.

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