9 features of the work of the stars of old Hollywood, with which they had to put up with world fame

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The life of the celebrities of the golden age of Hollywood just seems like a real dream. Behind the outward brilliance and glamor of those years lies the harsh truth about the strict terms of contracts that actors had to follow in order to succeed in film. Studio bosses often had complete power over the stars, leaving them no choice. Such was the price of the immortal glory of artists whom the whole world remembers to this day.

We are in learned what demands the film studio made to the actors of old Hollywood. And many of these features of work today would definitely be the cause of a serious scandal.

Actors were rented out

After signing a long-term contract with the studio, the movie star no longer belonged to himself. Hollywood bosses decided in which films and in what image the actor would act. Moreover, studios are not uncommon borrowed each other actors for filming. And the louder the name of the celebrity, the more it cost “rent”.

Howard Hughes after the success of “Angels of Hell” provided Gene Harlow to other film studios. Columbia Pictures borrowed Clark Gable at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM). MGM also “rented out” Lanu Turner, Joan Crawford, Elizabeth Taylor, Hedy Lamarr and other no less famous actresses and actors.

Aliases were imposed

The rising stars of old Hollywood often renounced their real names against their will. Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood – Under these pseudonyms, moviegoers have become famous all over the world. IN Carol LombardNamed at the birth of Jane Alice Peters, a change of name was one of the terms of the contract.

Another famous actress was less fortunate than the others. The boss of the film studio is his real name Joan Crawford by ear resembled the word “sewer.” The film company organized a whole people’s competition to choose a pseudonym for her. The actress herself hated the new name all her lifealthough she admitted that she felt safe with him.

They invented the past and images

In the days of old Hollywood, actors often fictional legends of origin and images were imposed. The stars had to go against their own nature and character. And artists did not always like such pretense.

Joan Crawford, who grew up in a rather troubled family, easily became the daughter of typical rich Americans. She allegedly got tired of living idle life and fled to Hollywood. Rita Hayworth with bitterness admittedthat was the complete opposite of his heroines. And Carrie Grant spoke about yourself like this: “Everyone wants to be Carrie Grant. Even I want to be Carrie Grant. ”.

They demanded to be flexible with the press

Movie stars should were to please journalists and be ready to pose and enter the image at their first request. However, not everyone followed this rule. One day known Katherine Hepburn snatched the camera from the reporter’s hands for taking a picture without her permission.

Formed low self-esteem

Studio bosses did not spare their wards. And in some stars, they seem to have deliberately cultivated self-doubt. Head of MGM called Judy Garland is a little hunchback. The young actress did not fit into the glamorous image of those times and was very ashamed of her appearance.

Even turning into a young beautiful woman, Judy saved the image of the “girl next door” created by the studio. She wore special rubber discs to correct the shape of the nose and removable caps on the teeth. Later, the studio makeup artist helped the actress to give up these accessories. However, this did not greatly strengthen Garland’s self-esteem.

Speculated on the appearance of actresses

It was different with the actresses – fatal beauties. Film studio executives, on the other hand, tried to draw as much attention as possible to the prominent parts of the stars’ bodies. So, Betty Grable was known for her ideal feet that 20th Century Fox studio for the sake of PR insured for an impressive amount. And the whole world was just talking about Betty’s legs.

Hedy Lamarr also became partly a hostage of her appearance. Chapter MGM promoted her as the most beautiful woman in the world. He had high hopes for her attractiveness. Of course, in the end, the actress played the role of exceptionally exotic seducers.

Forced to imitate relationships

Film companies often used fictional relationships between actors to draw the audience’s attention to the films. Yes, Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland supported in public the illusion of a novel as fans captured “Chemistry” between actors. Judy fell in love in Mickey for real, but Rooney spokethat they were bound by feeling stronger than love.

Controlled the personal lives of the actors

Elizabeth Taylor claimedthat the film studio controlled absolutely all aspects of her life. This was especially true of personal relationships. MGM Guide specially organized 16-year-old Elizabeth meets football player Glenn Davis. There were young people engaged for one month, but the wedding never took place.

When an 18-year-old actress gathered to be crowned with Conrad Nicki Hilton, MGM took over the organization of the wedding to make it a media event. The marriage did not last long, but the event was good advertising the film “Father of the Bride”, in which she played Taylor.

Film studios especially made sure that personal relationships did not damage the image of celebrities. When Mickey Rooney announced his decision to marry Ave Gardner, the head of the MGM spoke against of this marriage. But later the actors still played a small wedding.

Judy Garland too disobeyed her bosses and married musician David Rose, despite the studio’s ban. For this, the management ordered her to return to the set within 24 hours after the wedding, thus depriving the newlyweds of their honeymoon.

Dictated how to look

Columbia Pictures, contracting with Marilyn Monroe, modeled the appearance of the girl in the image of Rita Hayworth. A starlet who naturally had chestnut curls, at the studio’s request, she bleached her hair and became a platinum blonde. She is also an actress passed painful electro-epilation procedure to get rid of the gun on the forehead and straighten the hairline.

Such requirements for appearance did not go unnoticed by children. For example, the MGM studio forced 12-year-old Elizabeth Taylor wearing braces and removing 2 baby teeth. She also wanted to repaint her hair, change the shape of her eyebrows and give her the name Virginia, but the girl’s parents and Elizabeth herself were adamantly against it.

Would you be able to meet such requirements for the sake of world fame? Which of these features of film studios do you find most outrageous?

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