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Which of the idols has a big influence in K-pop? During the poll, fans “appointed” some of the best “presidents” of K-pop.

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On March 9, the global fandom platform K-pop Whosfan announced the results of a poll on “Who is the best K-pop president of this era?” The poll, which aimed to identify high-impact idols in K-pop worthy of the nickname “the best K-pop president,” was conducted from March 1 to 7. Prior to the vote, the nominees were selected on the recommendation of fans on social media via Whosfan Twitter.

Chonwon from ENHYPEN took first place with 38.89% of the vote, becoming the youngest “idol president” in the rankings. According to participants, Chonwon reliable, smart and kind. From a student leader in the early years, he became the leader of the group, despite his young age – 17 years. He was praised for being a leader who not only leads and manages, but is also a team captain who can listen and follow.

RM from BTS took second place among the “best presidents of K-pop”. RM especially praised for his strong leadership qualities, which is one of the reasons why BTS still so successful. Agree, with his intelligence and character, he is one of the “pillars” of longevity BTS. In addition, he uses his voice to represent young people in solving important problems such as mental health through his music.

Inquan from BTOB closed the top three with 9.72% of the vote. In addition to being a leading K-pop vocalist and artist, he has expanded his influence in both music and entertainment as a director at Cube Entertainment. He makes a huge contribution to the selection of new artists, the management of fan clubs and the well-being of artists through creative activities.

Nayon from TWICE and Theon from Girls’ Generation turned out to be the only girls in the rankings. Nayon is known for being a great role model not only for band members but also for fans. Theon praised for leadership, she is also known for often talking about women’s mental health and rights.

See the full list of K-pop’s best “presidential idols” below.

1. Chongwon from ENHYPEN

2. RM from BTS

3. Inquan from BTOB

4. Baekhyun from EXO

5. Tamin from SHINee

6. Kihyon from MONSTA X.

7. Nayon from TWICE

8. Hodgin from ONF

9. Taeyon of the Girls’ Generation

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