8 simple unadapted books in English

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Reading in a foreign language helps to expand your vocabulary and better navigate grammar. We have already told about easy-to-read books in English. In the comments, readers shared their favorite unadapted books – choose the one you like.

James Bowen

A street cat named Bob

A simple vocabulary book about a cat and its owner. For those who are especially touched, there is a sequel – Life according to Bob, as well as versions for children Bob: No Ordinary Cat and My Name Is Bob

Who recommends: Galina

SJ Watson

Before I go to sleep

A book about a woman who loses her memory every morning for twenty years. The film of the same name with Nicole Kidman in the lead role will help to consolidate the new vocabulary

Who recommends: Alexander Menshikov

Alice Oseman


The book about a girl who has never experienced romantic feelings is written in the genre of young adult and is suitable for both teenagers and adults to read without a dictionary

Who recommends: Olya

Erlend Loe

Naive. Great

The hero of the Norwegian writer’s book is constantly asked existential questions about the meaning of life. At the same time, the simple structure and language of the narrative do not make the book superficial

Who recommends: Jane

Oscar Wilde

The Canterville ghost

A gothic tale about the friendship of a little girl and an unhappy ghost. The book is written in simple language for children and is suitable for those who are just beginning to learn English

Who recommends: Anastasia Postnikova

Holly Jackson

A good girl’s guide to murder

The first book in a trilogy about the murder of a popular school beauty. A detective thriller with an unpredictable plot and simple sentences

Who recommends: Olya

Kathryn Stockett

The help

Most chapters are written with errors on behalf of black servants. The book helps to train linguistic instinct and find mistakes in words

Who recommends: Anna Mityakova

Ernest Hemingway

The old man and the sea

Not the easiest book to read about the old fisherman’s struggle with nature and the elements. Not suitable for beginners, but will help enrich the vocabulary of readers of the advanced level

Who recommends: Bohdan Yakhvak

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