8 of our favorite films in which directors hid references to foreign cinema. And we noticed only now

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It is no secret that filmmakers in their works often give references not only to works of literature and painting, but also to the films of colleagues in the shop. This is done for different purposes: to create a parody moment, “say hello” or pay tribute to the master. For example, Quentin Tarantino builds his pictures in the references to his favorite films – this is his individual director’s handwriting.

Soviet directors also watched and respected foreign cinema. Therefore, they borrowed receptions from foreign colleagues or drew inspiration from their work more often than one might think. We are in we love the films of Ryazanov, Gaidai, Danelia and many others. So we decided to think about what films could be sources of inspiration for these masters.

Diamond hand

The elegant Gesha performed by Andrei Mironov and the style icon Alain Delon have more in common than you might think. In Samurai, Delon’s character wears white gloves when he goes to work. This detail is played out in “Diamond Hand” in a scene at a car wash: Gesha theatrically pulls on black gloves for a long time to intimidate Semyon Semenych Gorbunkov and unequivocally inform the audience about his intentions.

Some of Gaidai’s techniques seem to be spied on in Bondian films. For example, an action scene in which helicopter lifts the car with intruders into the air, reminds a similar moment in the tape “You live only twice”. Until the finale of “Diamond Hand”, the viewer does not see the face of the Chief: the camera captures only a noticeable ring on his finger. This is again a reference to the James Bond paintings, which initially did not show the face of the main villain Blofeldand were limited to a close-up on which he strokes his Persian cat.

Gaidai did not ignore the famous Hitchcock. A scene of a nightmare dreamed by the hero Andrei Mironov, decorated in red tones, sends to a similar fragment from “Dizziness”.

Three plus two

One of the heroes of the comedy about two companies of Muscovites who decided to rest in the wild, seriously prepared for a vacation by the sea. Stepan Ivanovich Sundukov took with him a fascinating detective novel called “113th London” (there is no such book). But the scenes in which Chests readsare illustrated by showing excerpts from the real-life American horror film The Son of Frankenstein.

Incredible adventures of Italians in Russia

Already one title of the Soviet-Italian film “Una matta, matta, matta corsa in Russia” (“One crazy, crazy, crazy race in Russia”) refers to the film “This crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy world”, which Ryazanov looked at a hotel in Rome. After watching the tape, he rewrote the script and came up with a story about a plane landing on a busy highway. And a gas station explosion, in which things fly into the air in slow motion, reminds the scene of the explosion from Michelangelo Antonioni’s drama Zabriskie Point, released four years earlier.

Operation “Y” and other adventures of Shurik

Leonid Gaidai is often in his work used Charlie Chaplin’s tricks. And in the last short story of the comedy “Operation” Y “and other adventures of Shurik” he even repeated the comic scene of a boxing match from “Lights of the big city”.

Beware of the car

The audience gets acquainted with the main character of the comedy Yuri Detochkin at night, when he commits another car theft. The dark silhouette of the character against the sky, the sharp corners of buildings, the gloomy atmosphere of the night city, the detective component – all this refers to the tradition of films in the genre noir. Adds similarities and the fact that Yuri Detochkin works as an insurance agent, as well as, for example, hero famous noir “Double insurance”.

Barbos dog and unusual cross

The barking dog Barbos appears in the titles of short stories about the charismatic crooks Trus, Balbes and Byval. This is a parody of the famous Metro Goldwyn Mayer screensaver with a roaring lion.

Gentlemen of fortune

In “Gentlemen of Luck”, the head of the kindergarten Yevgeny Ivanovich Troshkin accompanies children in costumes of piglets on the piano. He plays musical theme from the classic Disney cartoon “Three Little Pigs”. And the dance scene itself is reminiscent of a similar episode from the cartoon.

The Caucasian Captive, or Shurik’s New Adventures

Twitter user drew attention to the slight similarity between the characters and individual scenes of the French comedy “Bicycle” (1957) and “Caucasian Captive” (1967). The French film tells the story of an eccentric guy with glasses, who travels a huge distance on his 3-wheeled bicycle to cheer for his favorite football team during the decisive match. In particular, on opinion internet user, it looks like scenes of chases, dances, feast.

The character of the hero, too reminded Shurik’s Internet users. However, all these similarities do not diminish Gaidai’s comic talent, consider fans of the director. By the way, 3 years after the release of “Bicycle” was a sequel to the film with the same characters, but the events are already happening on the island, where is played out the story of Robinson Crusoe.

And what interesting details or references did you notice in Soviet films?

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