8 moments from the cult “Harry Potter”, which fans still can not forgive the filmmakers

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Without exaggeration, the adaptation of Harry Potter books has become a cult saga of the 21st century. But it is impossible to please everyone, especially when it comes to loyal fans of the story of the young wizard. So far, Potter fans can’t forgive the filmmakers for a number of annoying mistakes. For example, how the writers treated one of the readers’ favorite characters – Ginny Weasley.

We are in studied social networks and found out what moments touch many fans of the Harry Potter saga around the world.

Harry breaks his elderberry wand before he fixes his

In “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – 2”, a young wizard simply takes and breaks in half the strongest magic wand in the world. But he himself was left without the main magical artifact. How will he conjure? There is an answer to this question in the book: in fact, Harry first repaired his wand, and only then destroyed one of the gifts of death. And many fans of the saga were outraged that this moment was not included in the film version.

Hermione’s screen looks too perfect, and Ron’s too awkward

Many of the lines that belonged to Ron in the Harry Potter books were given to Hermione in the movie. For example, in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Draco Malfoy calls Hermione a muddy-blooded woman (that is, a non-purebred sorceress). In the book, Ron explains the meaning of the word to his girlfriend, and in the film, she explains the humiliating term. And it looks like Miss Granger knows more about the world of wizards than Weasley Jr., who grew up in it.

In the book’s version of Azkaban’s prisoner, Ron tells Sirius, “If you want to kill Harry, you’re going to have to kill us too!” In the movie, Hermione utters this phrase. The filmmakers even gave her some of Dumbledore’s lines. For example, in a tape about a secret room, the girl told Draco about the name Voldemort: “Fear of the name only increases the fear of those who wear it.” While in the book these words belong to the director of Hogwarts.

  • In many movie scenes, Harry and Hermione often found themselves in the center of the frame and Ron in the background. © Jyotsna Saravanan / Quora
  • Hermione becomes so perfect in the movies that it would make more sense if she were the one to be chosen to fight Voldemort. As for Ginny, a piece of cardboard would handle her role no worse. © Julianne Powell / Quora

Ginny was made a completely faceless character

The image of Ginny Weasley is one of the main reasons for the dissatisfaction of Pottery fans with a series of films. As with Ron, after the saga was transferred to the big screen, her image became much dimmer than in the books. Ginny’s remarks are significantly reduced, the development of her relationship with Harry remains behind the scenes. And, as a result, instead of the most popular Hogwarts girl, ready for any mess, the viewer sees a classic girl in trouble, who is heroically saved by the main character.

  • Virtually everything about Harry and Ginny’s novel is terribly portrayed in movies. But the scene where she ties Potter’s shoelaces is a real apotheosis, after which Ginny had to be shown embarrassingly feeding Harry cookies as if he were a baby. Just to be clear: Ginny wouldn’t tie her shoelaces to an adult man, except to play him. And for some reason, hell, Harry wouldn’t find such behavior attractive. © KingsleyExp / Reddit
  • I wonder what people who have seen movies but haven’t read books think of Ginny. Shy, quiet girl, obsessed with tying shoelaces? © Archita Rudra / Quora
  • Producers, directors and screenwriters underestimated the importance of this character and cut Ginny’s screen time so much that she was left with only short lines of one or two phrases in all parts up to the film about the half-blood prince. Quite unexpectedly, it turned out that Harry was in love with her. No events were shown that led to this, she could not in any way show the audience her individuality. Just bah – and she suddenly likes Harry. I don’t blame actress Bonnie Wright: she did everything she could to show Ginny’s character in a limited way. © Simon Baker / Quora

Voldemort crumbles to pieces instead of just turning into a lifeless body

One of the strangest scenes in the Harry Potter movie is the death of Voldemort. Many Potter fans have wondered why Tom Riddle turned into confetti. After all, in the book, exactly what he feared most in the world happened to him: he died as an ordinary person.

  • The fact was that even after all his attempts to become immortal, he died like everyone else. It was a powerful scene, followed by an equally powerful sequel: Tom Riddle’s body was kept in a room for the dead. © prettybunbun / Reddit

The reversible potion does not change the voice

In a number of episodes, the heroes who drank the reversible potion are forced to try to speak in the voices of those into whom they have become. For example, Hermione, who entered Gringotts under the guise of Bellatrix in the film “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – 1”. However, in the part about the Cup of Fire, Barty Crouch speaks in Gryum’s voice, without making any additional efforts. All this is confusing.

  • Do I have to believe that this potion completely changes your whole body except your vocal cords? Are you serious? © thom_merrilin / Reddit

Snape hugs Lily, who died in Godric’s Hollow

One of the most heartbreaking scenes in the entire saga is the memory of Severus Snape. In particular, the episode where he cries over Lily’s body in Godric’s hollow. However, there are those who are annoyed by this moment.

  • First, it never happened. Snape was not in Godric’s Hollow that night. Hagrid took Harry out of the Potters’ house, and Severus arrived soon after. Secondly, I do not know what the filmmakers wanted to achieve with this scene, but it is not touching at all. You see a man holding the body of a married woman in his arms, while her young son, who is clearly injured, is crying in the background. © KingsleyExp / Reddit

Harry Potter flirts with a waitress in a cafe

Many were outraged by the scene about the half-blood prince, where Harry is sitting in a cafe and flirting with a waitress. First, it was not in the book, and second, the behavior of a boy who had recently suffered so badly from the loss of his godfather Sirius Black seemed inappropriate to some.

  • Harry lost his only family member just two months ago. In addition, his feelings for Ginny are getting stronger and stronger. Despite this, he flirts with a Muggle girl. And for what? To leave her and leave with Dumbledore without warning her that she wasn’t even waiting for him? © Tharun Kumar / Quora

Harry goes into the woods to meet Voldemort, and his friends calmly let him go

In the book “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”, a young wizard goes into the woods to meet Voldemort, wearing an invisible cloak. He makes sure not to meet his friends. In the movie version, Harry first finds Ron and Hermione. Some fans of the saga were outraged that the closest people are so calm to release the boy to certain death.

  • Honestly, this scene was much better in the book. I personally don’t think Ron or Hermione would let Harry die. Especially considering that no one knew he had a chance to survive. © dilly_bar97 / Reddit
  • Ron would never let go of Harry without trying to find another solution. And I’m sure he would go to the woods with him. In the film, Weasley doesn’t seem to care, he doesn’t even say anything to a friend. © Marina598 / Reddit

And what moments in the Harry Potter movies have caused you questions and comments?

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